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20 Ways to Leave Your Mother: Earning and Budgeting Tips So You Can Move Out


20 Ways to Leave Your Mother: Budgeting Tips


Living with your parents can be a great advantage when you’re saving up for your own place. When it’s time to leave the nest, applying the best earning and budgeting tips will speed up the process and ultimately result in a less stressful transition.


Here are 20 of the best ways to earn money and save money to help you become independent. Mom can rest easy knowing you’ll brush your teeth every day and always come back to visit.


Get Educated and Earn More


girl studying at coffee shop


  • The sky’s the limit with continuing education options these days. Visit your local community college or online degree programs for information about earning a two-year degree or adding to your skill set.


Financial aid can make this extremely affordable, and many classes are offered on weekends and evenings. Check out this list of highest paying associate degrees. 


  • Did you know that there is a national court reporter shortage? Median salaries for court reporters nationwide top $50,000 per year and can exceed $90,000 for this two-year degree. If you have the fastest fingers in the West, why not earn a great living with your strange talent.


  • If you have a talent for writing, and would like to earn a side income, there are thousands of online businesses and blogs that hire freelance writers. The best way to start earning a great writing income is Holly Johnson’s comprehensive Earn More Writing Course.


She left her full-time job as a mortician and now earns over $200k per year. Her course covers how to choose your niche, pitch to new clients (with her own sample letters), create an amazing portfolio, and everything in between. Holly Johnson’s Earn More Writing Course gives a great return on investment.


  • For all you word nerds, and those who cringe at typos and grammar mistakes, a proofreading business might be a perfect fit. Self-published authors are coming out of the woodwork. Guess what?


They ALL need proofreaders. One of the best courses I’ve ever invested in is the excellent and thorough General Proofreading Theory and Practice by Caitlin Pyle. Dedicate a few months to some solid study, and you’ll be on your way to marketing your new proofreading business.


electronics on desk to sell for extra money


Sell Your Stuff for Some Extra Money


  • If you have unused technology like smartphones, gaming consoles, and that Kindle you’ve never used — sell them on Amazon or Craigslist and put some cash in the bank.


  • Textbooks are hot commodities, especially on the used market. If you’ve taken classes in the last year or two, gather those books up and list them on Amazon! You could end up with a few hundred dollars this week.


Click the link below and check out how to sell and buy textbooks through Amazon.


Shop Amazon – Used Textbooks – Save up to 90%


Read my related post: The Best Way to Save Money on College Textbooks


I’ve sold dozens of textbooks on Amazon, and 90% of the time, I’ve earned back what I originally spent. Reselling your textbooks on Amazon is an amazing way to recoup your investment. Buying them used on Amazon will also save you a ton of money!










  • If you’re like me and occasionally receive gift cards you’ll never use, don’t let them sit around. Great sites like Cardpool and Card Kangaroo will make you an offer right on the spot and email a label so you can drop it in the mail and cash in.


  • Start your very own Amazon business with no storage or shipping hassles. The Amazon FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) program is growing at breakneck speed. Imaging selling your products and not having to store inventory or do your own shipping? Amazing.


coffee and pad of paper

Start a Side Hustle


  • If you own a truck or van, you may want to consider becoming a driver for GoShare and make some good money in your spare time. GoShare offers its customers the convenience of having someone pick up and deliver large items/furniture that won’t fit in a normal-sized car. GoShare drivers earn between $50-$60 an hour.


  • Become a driver for Lyft .  I have heard really good things from drivers who work for Lyft. They tell me that the company is great to work with, pays fairly, and allows tipping through the app.


** I cannot recommend Uber at all. I would not recommend working for or using them. Too many drivers have told me they’re not a good company to work for.



  • If your car is just sitting in the driveway, rent it out for a day or two and rake in some quick cash with TuroThis disrupter of the overpriced car rental industry is super-hot right now.


Turo even covers your car with up to $1 million in liability insurance as well as 24/7 roadside assistance. Renting your car out with Turo is an amazing way to make money without working!


  •  Tap into the lucrative pet sitting industry by signing up with Rover or listing your services with People are crazy about furbabies. They’ll spend big bucks on the best care while they’re away. Some Rover workers make over $1,000 per month part time.


  • Start a blog. If you’ve got some expertise or passion in a certain area, running a blog on the side could bring in some extra cash. Affiliate marketing partnerships are abundant.


Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing is THE course to get if you want to kill it by partnering with companies that will pay you money for recommending them! Amazon and thousands of other companies and blog owners will pay you good money to refer their products to your blog audience.


It’s easy and very affordable to start your own blog. Just use my affiliate link here, and you’ll get a discounted rate. You get web hosting plus a FREE domain name with Bluehost for just $3.49 per month. 


girl shopping


Shop Smarter



** Right now, Ting is giving everyone a $25 credit for signing up! Your first month could be FREE


  • Most cities have amazing secondhand and vintage shops where fashionistas can find designer threads without breaking the bank. If you don’t want to leave the house, try ThredUp for great buys on high-quality clothing for women, juniors, and kids.


  • Use the old-fashioned cash envelope system if you want to reign in your grocery and entertainment spending. If you’re serious about saving for your own place, set aside a budgeted amount from each paycheck in cash.


Use this cash envelope every time you grocery shop or eat out. Once the money’s gone, it’s time to get creative with leftovers.


Man with a suitcase walking into a sunset with plans to travel smarter


Travel Smarter


  • On your next trip, skip the rental car companies and rent a regular Joe’s car with Turo. You’ll be glad you did. Rental car prices are ridiculous these days, especially if you only need one for a day or two.


When you rent a car with Turo, you’ll pay a small fraction of the regular rental prices. When I needed a minivan for a day to move my daughter into her college dorm, Turo was the perfect answer! 



I’m staying in a sweet house near the beach in north San Diego next month. The room is $58 a night. That’s a steal!


** Update: The Carlsbad home was amazing. I’m so excited that I’ve finally tried Airbnb!


  • For a great card to help establish credit, consider a Southwest Rapid Rewards credit card with Chase. Since Southwest pretty much beats any prices for domestic flights, you can really rack up the savings flying with points.


Each $1 you spend earns you a travel point, and any Southwest purchases (or their travel partners) earn you double the flying points.


Your Own Home


tiny house in the woods for a home of your own


There is no better return on investment than making a monthly payment on a home of your own. Mom and dad may be extremely generous, but any money you spend in rent never comes back. When you’re finally ready to buy, here are a couple of less-traveled roads.


  • Consider investing in a tiny house. If you’re single and don’t need a ton of space, there are some incredibly beautiful miniature options. The best thing — you can own your home in its entirety for less than $40,000 in many cases (and much less for some models). Tiny house villages are springing up all over the country to share land costs and add a sense of community.


  • If you’d prefer the conventional route and your dream house seems totally out of reach, all is not lost. Most states offer down payment assistance programs for buyers who are at low- to mid-income levels. This money comes in the form of a grant that never needs repaying. DPA programs can assist with up to 5% of the loan amount.


There you have it — at least 20 ways to get creative with your money and spread your wings. I hope your mom’s not crying.


If you’re new to the world of credit, Credit Sesame offers FREE online tools to manage credit and debt AND provides your credit score for FREE so you can build a strong financial profile.


You can sign up with Credit Sesame without even entering your credit card number!


Sign Up At Credit Sesame For Your Free Customized Financial Profile.


If you’ve never rented or owned a home before, it’s important to establish credit. Read my related post: What to Do if You’ve Never Had a Credit Card


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20 earning and budgeting tips so you can get a place of your own. Amazing ways to earn and save money to kickstart your budget. 
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