genius answer to post-update Pinterest success!!

The Pinterest Strategy Unlike Any Other

Are you struggling with any of the following?

  • Crashing reach numbers
  • Confusion over group boards
  • How to regain pageviews
  • How to fix your tanking Pinterest traffic
  • Frustration with all the conflicting Pinterest strategies out there

Why Pin Signals??

The Pin Signals strategy is based on years of analytics experience and practice. 

The creator has been using Pinterest for business since it began.

Pin Signals is a post-update, successful best practices solution for today’s Pinterest marketing.

These are strategies no one else uses consistently, and Pinterest rewards the efforts of those who’ve figured them out! 

Many Pin Signals students are seeing very quick results…myself included!

This Pinterest information isn’t being taught anywhere else…I should know. I’m a course junkie.


If you’re ready to get back in the Pinterest game…

  • Don’t waste any more time or money on band-aid strategies — go with what the updates are showing to be successful now
  • Find out which boards you SHOULD be creating and which ones to leave 
  • Learn how to name your personal boards — yes, it matters
  • Find out what “most relevant board” actually means
  • You’ll be glad to know that follower numbers don’t matter at all with this strategy… you can still get great traffic results
  • The mysteries of Re-pinning others’ as well as your own content…revealed!
  • Discover the important role that Tailwind plays with this successful strategy

**I’m absolutely thrilled to be an affiliate with this wonderful Pin Signals course! That means if you make a purchase, I am paid a small commission. All that said, you WILL NOT regret this purchase. I’m over the moon with my purchase of Pin Signals, and I wanted you to know about it too. 🙂 

It’s the smartest $37 you’ll ever spend on your Pinterest marketing (in my opinion)!

*I’m also an affiliate for Tailwind. Bless their hearts…they’ve had to deal with the mass influx of us bloggers now that Boardbooster is gone. Don’t you worry about their sanity a little bit?? I must be strange… Lol

You can try Tailwind for FREE and schedule 100 Pinterest pins before you have to pay anything. If you choose to sign up after that, you can get $15 off your first month (that’s a month FREE) by using my link.