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If you haven't set up your blog yet, now's the time! I'll walk you through 7 very easy steps...using non-tech terms. 

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Working from home is exciting and challenging. Crush your income goals with the best time management and productivity tips!

Morning and exercise routines. Prioritizing techniques, how to make a perfect to-do list and more!

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Excellent tips and tools to earn more and save more while you're getting your new business off the ground! 

Budgeting your bills, saving money on food, and extra ways to earn on the side. 

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Hi, I'm Stephanie...

I give new bloggers tools and encouragement to turn their little piece of the web into a  money-making business. 

Starting a blog can absolutely change your life... will it work for everyone? Nope!

It's all in the mindset... if you're willing to work hard and not give up, blogging can become your dream job. But it's definitely not for the faint of heart. 

If you're willing to be a lifetime learner and you'll try different strategies when something's not working ... you've won half the battle right there! 

By the way, your life doesn't have to be in perfect order to have a successful blog ... and you don't need special training. 

I started my first blog a few years ago after my daughter died of suicide. It literally saved my life to have somewhere to put my words. You can read my story here.

Shortly after, a friend encouraged me to write more ... and eventually my blogging business was born. I freelanced for finance sites and began writing posts for my own site as well. 

You may worry that the field of blogging is just too crowded now. Here's a fun fact...

There are over 2 billion Google searches a day! 

Someone has to help these people find the answers to their questions and problems.

I can help you strategically learn these problem-solving skills, provide quality information, and offer selling solutions to monetize your blog.  

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