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I help women (and anyone else looking for encouragement) restructure their relationship with money and encourage them to discover the healthiest version of themselves, inside and out.


If you want to become fearless about tackling your finances, blast away all negative money mindsets, and find the best balance for your own optimal health and well-being, YOU’RE IN THE RIGHT PLACE!!



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What’s in it for you? Support, encouragement, and amazing tools for creating your best money mindset and enhancing your well-being.


What’s in it for us? The privilege of serving and getting to know an amazing and diverse group of women (and men) who each have a story to share and growth to celebrate!


We have 2 major focuses here:


(1) To help women break free from negative money/financial mindsets

sunflowers in Italy up close

If you’ve never had a credit card of your own, read this.


Don’t know what an IRA is exactly, and why you need one, this post will help.


Are you a stay-at-home mom and have never been actively involved in your household money? You need to read this right away.


If investing and compound interest sounds like a foreign language, I can help. Learn how to grow, grow, grow that money right here!


(2) To support every aspect of your inner and outer well-being


Here’s a post about seasonal depression. I struggle with it living here in Colorado. More people have it than we realize!


I’ve also lost a child. If you are a fellow survivor, read my story of hope.


My latest challenge is an empty nest. After having children in the house for the last 26 years, it’s been a real challenge to fight the disorientation that comes with a quiet house. Here’s my empty nest story. 


Lastly, I just want to say that you are welcome…whoever you are, and whatever your story. This blog has real people with real lives, and this community is our favorite part.