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“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”  –Lao Tzu


10 Best Mindsets for New Blog and Business Success


An online business and blog is a long and winding road. Learning to accept that it’s a journey, and setting your mind to positive mode, will take some of the sting out of the setbacks you’ll encounter.


Embrace these ten mindsets, and you will hopefully find yourself recharged more often than discouraged, and confident in your abilities to be wildly successful — all in good time, of course.


10 Best Mindsets for New Blog and Business Success


1. Patience is Paramount

Don’t be in a hurry to climb Mt. Everest. Give yourself lots of credit for deciding to tackle the online business world. The most famous climbers (and business owners) must put foundations in place before safely starting and ensuring their success.


Being in business for yourself is a two-steps-forward and ten-steps-back kind of deal for a while. If you set your mind to putting in the time, having realistic expectations, and being persistent, patience will indeed pay off. Suddenly you’ll realize that you’re actually scaling that mountain and the summit is in site.


10 Best Mindsets for New Blog and Business Success


2. Be Your Own Unique Self

Don’t compare yourself with others and their successes! I can’t emphasize this one enough. The more you focus on other businesses, websites, and bloggers, the faster you lose sight of yourself and where you want to go.


“Keep your eyes on your own paper” — that old refrain from school comes in handy. That person next to you most likely has a different test than you do. If you’re constantly looking to them for answers, you’ll fail your own test.


Your business or blog is the only one with your voice and your intentions. Own it and enjoy it.


3. Dream Big About Your Long-Term Goals

Say what you want out loud. Write it down on an index card and put it where you can see it. This is empowering (and scary as hell). What if it doesn’t come true? Say it and plan for it anyway.


Once you’ve determined what you really want, don’t get stuck in your head. It can easily become habit to dream and obsess over what you want to happen, rather than putting the individual parts into place — which leads to the 4th mindset strategy.


10 Best Mindsets for New Blog and Business Success


4. Set Plenty of Small, Attainable Goals Throughout the Year

Set small goals that lead to your dream. Insert these into the roadmap of your journey and it will keep you on track and out of the clouds. Maybe it’s just me, but I spend too much time in the wild beyond imagining what it will be like when I’m a huge success. (That’s slightly embarrassing to admit!)


I’d never get anything done or make progress down the road to success if I didn’t put small goals and their related tasks into action. Grab a good notebook, planner, or online tool to regularly jot down a solid plan to tackle the short-term goals that point to the big dream.


5. Don’t Underestimate the Groundwork

The groundwork you lay for your business success is really important and valuable. This may include taking a course (or several) to add important new skills that relate to your business or online practices. This work can be tedious and make you feel that no progress is being made.


More often than not, the mundane task of looking up your hundredth YouTube video about how to add a new plugin to your website feels like a total waste of your day. I’ve been there many times. Dozens of hours have been spent looking things up, researching, and watching how-tos.


You can’t have a great business without a great foundation. Unless you have unlimited resources to hire things out, you’ll need to make friends with the learning curve — and it’s a big one for most. Adding to your skills and becoming a lifelong learner will only increase your success. Embrace it.


10 Best Mindsets for New Blog and Business Success


6. Celebrate Small Victories

Train yourself to be grateful for each new thing learned and accomplished. Did you finally create an awesome Pinterest Pin that rivals those with a million shares? Good for you! That’s a serious accomplishment.


When I got my first subscriber (even today when I see new ones) it was cause for real celebration. Someone was reading and enjoying my writing! It made my day.


Any time someone leaves a nice comment or I get a small affiliate commission, I train my brain to celebrate it. The small wins keep us motivated to keep reaching for the big ones. They also validate that we’re doing good work and going in the right direction.


7. Realize That You Are Enough

Ever heard of Imposter Syndrome? Most people have, and there are plenty of great articles about it. It’s that nagging feeling that you don’t know what you’re doing and you have no business trying it at all. It’s a lie — the most crippling kind.


Our feelings of inadequacy most often stem from comparison to other people who are “experts” or killing it in the business world. What do they have that we don’t? In reality, not much.


It’s a perception problem that needs changing. Much energy (and creativity) is wasted when we obsess over what it means to be “qualified”. If you have a brain, love to learn, and you’re passionate about sharing your unique thoughts and talents, you are enough.


10 Best Mindsets for New Blog and Business Success

8. Making Big Changes Doesn’t Equal Failure

Changing your mind or rebranding mid-course happens all the time. Last year, I realized that the name of my blog and its layout didn’t match what I wanted to portray with my business. As long as I was making a drastic change, I renamed the blog and jumped over to WordPress.


It went well, but not knowing what I wanted in the first place felt like a failure on my part. Don’t most people have that all figured out before they start their business or blog?


According to my Facebook group threads, bloggers and businesses make changes, big and small, all the time. Not many have it all figured out from the start. Treat everything as a learning experience, make necessary changes, and forge ahead.


9. Be a Helper

Being able to help another newbie with their challenges feels great. You know you’ve made it past the know-nothing stage when you’re able to say something intelligent to help another beginner. It’s weirdly validating and builds your confidence. You both benefit.


If you’re not new, you are invaluable to the beginning bloggers and businesses around you. I’m very fortunate to be in a few groups that are encouraging, helpful, and always ready with a smart answer to my newest conundrum. Giving is gratifying —  help when you can.


10 Best Mindsets for New Blog and Business Success


10. There is Plenty of Room For All

Don’t get caught up in the scarcity mindset. We aren’t in competition with each other, even if we’re in a popular niche. As of March 2017, there are over 3.7 billion internet users worldwide. Check out more internet statistics.


With 96% of Americans shopping online and an average annual spend of $488 per online shopper, that’s a huge chunk of change to go around. That’s according to CPC Strategy blog.


There are enough consumers to easily go around where it comes to the goods and services online businesses have to offer. Sometimes it feels like we’re on top of each other, but with great marketing, and unique products and voices, there is room for all.


Some of the weird things I’ve had to learn this past year

  • I know what HTML and Javascript are now — I even know a little coding
  • I know that Pinterest isn’t for pretty houses and recipes now
  • I know that Facebook has advertising
  • I know what affiliate marketing is
  • I know the backend of WordPress pretty well now
  • I know a widget is no longer an imaginary thing from my economics class in college
  • I know that blogging is a lot of freaking work
  • I know how to find anything on YouTube
  • I know what a freebie is
  • I know what building your list means
  • I just learned to build a pretty good landing page


And I’m pretty sure there are dozens of other things to add to that list. Make your own list, and be proud of yourself, especially if you didn’t grow up with computers. You’re not just an online blogger/business, you’re a rockstar!


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