Earn More Writing

Freelance Writing Course

Learn how to cash in on your writing passion

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Comprehensive course that shows you how to turn your writing skills into a great full-time income or side hustle. 

What You'll Receive:

1.  FREE Introductory Workshop --"How to Build a Six-Figure Writing Career"

2.  Holly Johnson's expertise in freelance writing and how to build your career from the ground up

3.  Inspiration from Holly's story about the 9-5 grind as a mortician and surpassing that income

4.  Strategies and detailed instruction on how to pitch your writing to land good jobs

5.  Thorough lessons with actionable steps to build a great portfolio

6.  Actual examples of emails and pitches Holly has used to gain clients

7.  How to set your rates and get paid what you're worth

8.  Membership in the Earn More Writing Facebook group for daily support, advice, and camaraderie with fellow writing members and students -- My absolute favorite bonus from this course!!! 

** Holly participates in the Facebook group daily, answers questions always, and posts her daily workload and monthly incomes regularly. Very inspiring!

9.  BONUS MODULE -- "Get Rich Ghostwriting for CEOs"


. . .  And much more!!

Holly's course got me started on my journey as a professional finance blogger/writer. I cannot recommend it more highly.