Earn More Writing

Freelance Writing Course

Teaches you how to cash in on your writing passion

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Comprehensive course that shows you how to turn your writing skills into a great full-time income or side hustle. 

What You'll Receive:

  1.  1. FREE Introductory Workshop--"How to Build a Six-Figure Writing Career"

  2. 2. Holly Johnson's expertise in freelance writing and how to build your career from the ground up

  1. 3. Inspiration from Holly's story about the 9-5 grind as a mortician and surpassing that income

  2. 4. Strategies and detailed instruction on how to pitch your writing to land good jobs

  1. 5. Thorough lessons with actionable steps to build a great portfolio

  2. 6. Actual examples of emails and pitches Holly has used to gain clients

  1. 7. BONUS MODULE -- "Get Rich Ghostwriting for CEOs"


     .... And much more!!

Holly's course got me started on my journey as a professional finance blogger/writer. I cannot recommend it more highly.