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Hi, I’m Stephanie — finance writer and household manager extraordinaire.


As a trained phlebotomist (sounds creepy) and kin to 5 doctors and nurses, I also know a thing or two about health and wellness.


You wouldn’t believe some of the stuff we’ve talked about at the Thanksgiving table…


Healthy, Savvy & Wise is here to help you manage your budget, household, and health like a rockstar.


Maybe you’re like me and you’ve been the CEO of your household, money, and health for quite a while. (Like the ringmaster of a three ring circus!)


Or perhaps you’re just starting out on your life journey, or getting back on your feet.


My aim is to provide you with the best tips about money, home, and health so you can save well, feel great, and squeeze every bit of enjoyment out of this one life we all have. And if you feel welcome and understood here — and know there’s never a dumb question — I’ve done my job.


You’ll also learn from my mishaps and trials — with some inspiration thrown in for good measure. I’m so grateful you came by, and I hope you’ll feel at home each time you pop in for a visit.


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In case you wanted the real scoop — here are some random facts about me.


  • I shook Alec Baldwin’s hand when I was in high school. He was filming a movie nearby–his eyes are gorgeous.


  • I have five cats… yes, 5. Don’t judge me; two of my daughters left three of them when they moved out.


  • I met my Swiss husband on the dance floor at The Grizzly Rose (Google it, it’s famous). In my semi-spare time, I’m trying to learn German so I can understand some of the conversation when we visit.


  • I’m sure I’ve watched Mr. Darcy, aka the BBC version of Pride and Prejudice, more times than anyone.


  • The ocean is calling my name, and I’m counting the months until we relocate to San Diego.  23 years of shoveling snow in Colorado is enough for me.



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*** Edited to say; In the above where I mention I’m learning German, it’s to visit with his family… not him. We can talk just fine. 😉