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Hi, I’m Stephanie, and here’s what I want you to know first:


I write for people who need great content for their blogs and websites so they can tend to more pressing matters. My specialties are in finance and health, but I’ve got a great many other topics up my sleeve as well.


Maybe you’re so busy you can’t see straight anymore, or you simply need a vacation from your blog or website. That’s where I come flying in with my red cape to save the day.


Together, we can formulate a plan for creating the perfect content your audience is craving. I’ll do the grunt work, and you can take care of other things.


This blog is my personal way of encouraging and motivating people regarding some of the trickiest parts of life.


Our money and our health can often be the cause of frequent stress…me included. I’m passionate about equipping folks with good information about both. I also include a sprinkling of my own experience with some inspiration thrown in for good measure.



In case you wanted the real scoop — here are some random facts about me.


  •  I love to make faces…ever since I was a kid. I make a pig face that can scare a grown man. My husband won’t even look at it.


  • I’m a super dorky person and I like it that way. The more I make my girls laugh, the more rewarding it is. With that said…


  • My middle kid has such a collection of embarrassing pictures and videos of me being a dork over the years, I felt panicked that I’d need to bribe her when I got remarried a couple years ago.


  • I shook Alec Baldwin’s hand when I was in high school. He was filming a movie nearby–his eyes are gorgeous.


  • I have five cats… yes, 5. Don’t judge me; two of my daughters left three of them when they moved out.


  • I once put a white panty hose leg over my head and scared the crap out of my daughters. They said it looked like Voldemort. You should try it — it’s hilarious! But you have to let it squish your face so it’s totally distorted.


  • At the L.A. airport, I asked John Cusack if it was him–he was trying to be incognito. He mumbled “yes” and left. He was young and cocky at the time, and I was an offended high schooler.


  • I met my Swiss husband on the dance floor at The Grizzly Rose (Google it, it’s famous). In my semi-spare time, I’m trying to learn German so I can understand some of the conversation when we visit.


  • I’m sure I’ve watched Mr. Darcy, aka the BBC version of Pride and Prejudice, more times than anyone.


  • The ocean is calling my name, and I’m counting the months until we relocate to San Diego.  23 years of shoveling snow in Colorado is enough for me.



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*** Edited to say; In the above where I mention I’m learning German, it’s to visit with his family… not him. We can talk just fine. 😉